Service Desk Excellence

Improve Effectiveness through Feedback

Service Desk Excellence is a proven method for measuring customer satisfaction in practice. Through online surveys, end users provide feedback on quality, speed, effort, and areas for improvement, based on which ticket handling is classified from failed to excellent.

The key to successful customer feedback


We assess the quality, speed, and effort of resolved support tickets, ranking them from failed to excellent. This approach ensures ongoing service improvement and efficiency.


Our surveys integrate smoothly with your process and are designed for high response rates. This approach secures the feedback necessary for in-depth analysis and customer understanding.


Our interactive reporting combines metrics, KPIs, and qualitative feedback for a complete performance overview. It highlights trends and informs decisions, pushing for service enhancements.


The story of:

Maastricht University measures customer satisfaction using the Service Desk Excellence method. The service provision is improved based on continuous feedback. Product Owner Servicedesk Roel Bleize explains why customer satisfaction is important and how the results are utilized.

Improving service delivery is a team effort with direct input from our end-users.

Roel Bleize
Roel Bleize

Product Owner ICTS Servicedesk

Benefits for the service desk

Insight Effectiveness Service Desk

Insight into service desk effectiveness

Input for continuous improvement

Input for continuous improvement

Proactive followup

Proactively follow up dissatisfied users

Internal and External Resolvergroups

Managing internal and external resolution groups

Coaching Service Desk Agents

Targeted coaching of service desk agents

Our customers


Clients on Service Desk Excellence

End user

The end user is the benchmark for our service provision.

Added value

The added value of the service desk is visible to everyone.

Primaire source

Our primary source for improving service provision.

High Response

Thanks to high response rates, we have ample data for new insights.

How does Service Desk Excellence work?

Service Desk Excellence

ITSM Tool Integration: Connectors are available for integration with the ITSM platforms TOPdesk™ and ServiceNow™. For other platforms, we integrate via an API interface.




Execution: Send direct, daily, or weekly emails for evaluation of closed incidents, service requests, changes, and inquiries. In your own branding and through your own internet URL.


Reporting: Through an interactive dashboard for analysis, including breakdowns by attributes such as division, process, resolver group, channel, etc. It includes all comments from end users.

Curious? Download the Introduction on Service Desk Excellence

Download the presentation containing information about the method, reports, and applications.

  1. Method: Three characteristics of every successful ticket handling

  2. Ticket qualification from failed to excellent

  3. Reports and analyses

  4. Sample surveys

  5. Application areas

  6. Integration with ITSM tools

  7. Security and GDPR compliance

  8. Service provision and costs

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