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Drive continuous improvement in a DevOps organization

KPN recognized early on that user satisfaction and productivity largely depend on the use of business applications. For several years they have been measuring end user satisfaction for over 150 critical business applications. Johan Kromjong of KPN highlights the added value for KPN.

Importance of end user satisfaction

As a DevOps organization, KPN places great importance on continuously monitoring end user satisfaction for critical business applications. Having near real-time insights into user satisfaction is vital for the optimal development and maintenance of their IT infrastructure.

End users play a crucial role in ensuring quality and productivity within KPN's critical services. Their day-to-day work involves utilizing these business applications to serve KPN customers. Monitoring their experience helps gauge the effectiveness of these applications, enabling early detection of any quality or performance degradation.

Creating a ‘total’ view

KPN makes a dedicated effort to obtain a comprehensive understanding of each critical application. They gather information such as downtime, business impact, change frequency, and the quality of changes. This factual data is combined with end user experience data to gain a holistic view of the applications.

The collected information is shared with all IT teams responsible for developing and maintaining KPN's applications. Development teams leverage this data to drive improvements and assess the impact of their efforts. Furthermore, the IT teams themselves are accountable for meeting end user satisfaction targets, with key performance indicators (KPIs) reported to KPN's executive committee.

Managing complexities

KPN has explicitly chosen an external provider to manage the satisfaction measurement and reporting process. When deploying an organization wide approach to IT Experience there are a lot of complexities to consider. In KPN’s case a lot of target audiences are surveyed with customized surveys based on many source parameters like applications, employee type, organization and tickets.

Know Why is managing this complexity in an excellent way. They provide a turnkey solution including all data processing and deliver all results via excellent interactive dashboards. For example, they designed and implemented a process where, based on user authorization data, surveys are customized per individual to survey their most used business applications. The knowledge of Know Why is outstanding and they have the ability and drive to help you.

Continuing the "Experience-driven" approach

Over the last few years KPN has embraced an "experience-driven" approach throughout the organization. KPN also measures the digital workspace experience, satisfaction of their shops, mechanics, customer service, sales, and service desks for both IT and HR. Continuously collecting perspectives from employees and customers has proven for KPN to be the most effective way to drive continuous improvement.

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