L&D Impact

Elevating your L&D was never this easy!

With L&D Impact the effectiveness of courses and training programs is gauged using the participant’s experience. Quantitative and qualitative feedback generate meaningful insights to improve content and the learning experience or all your L&D initiatives.

L&D Impact

Benefits of L&D Impact

Insight into training effectiveness

Improve content and learning experience

Geared to workplace learning

Driving continuous improvement

Minimum effort

How does L&D Impact work

Employees evaluate the effectiveness of a course by answering a very limited number of questions and they are invited to elaborate on lesser valued aspects. The answers give insight into the impact of the training. The results give a clear picture of the learning experience and the relevance of the training for the work situation. And clear clues as to what can be improved.

L&D Impact

Key dimensions for workplace learning

L&D Impact

Learning experience gauges engagement, comprehension, and satisfaction with course design and delivery, essential for effective learning.


Work relation evaluates how relevant and transferable course content is to a learner's work, ensuring practicality and performance improvement in your organization.


Overall Course impact combines the learning experience and work relation dimensions to qualify a course as inferior, practical, theoretical, or superior.


Customers on L&D Impact

The methodology generates actionable insights.

We implement changes based on real feedback.

An essential tool to refine existing training programs.

A holistic approach to the total L&D portfolio.

Integrated with Coursepath (LMS)

L&D Impact is developed with Fellow Digitals, supplier of the Coursepath LMS (Learning Management System). For Coursepath customers the feedback process is seamlessly integrated in the LMS platform. This ensures a 100% response and a clear view of every training experience. For customers of other LMS platforms we can create an API interface and invite employees to share their experience by email.

Coursepath by Fellow Digitals

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