End User Experience for Business Applications

AppXperience transforms how you enhance your business applications. By harnessing direct user feedback, AppXperience enables you to pinpoint and resolve application issues effectively. Use the power of both quantitative and qualitative user insights to evolve your business application portfolio.


Key to organizational success

Business applications are the lifeblood of any organization, driving everything from daily operations to strategic decisions. Their quality directly affects workforce productivity, cost efficiency, customer happiness, market standing, and revenue. Mastering application effectiveness is synonymous with achieving peak performance.

Employee Productivity

Cost Efficiency

Market Competitiveness

Customer Satisfaction

Revenue Growth

Get a grip on performance

The value of business applications lies in functionality, usability, speed, reliability, and support. Measuring end user experience provides a unique viewpoint that is essential for improving application performance. Operating without this feedback is like steering blind. Our methodology effectively pinpoints application bottlenecks both quantitatively and qualitatively.


Streamlined efficiency

Supported by a data driven and interactive feedback platform, AppXperience asks relevant questions to end users and only zooms in when needed. This strategy strikes a perfect balance between brevity and obtaining actionable insights. Get a holistic view of each application's usage, satisfaction levels, and areas for improvement, including trends and comments.






Intelligent application matching

The key to an effective feedback process is ‘matching’ business applications for every individual user from tens or hundreds of business applications. For each customer we create a bespoke model to dynamically include relevant applications for each employee, based on a combination of country, division, department and/or user type.


The story of

KPN measures end user satisfaction for over 150 critical business applications. Team Lead IT Johan Kromjong explains how KPN combines factual data with end user experience to provide a holistic view of applications.

Monitoring end users’ experience with applications helps us to detect any quality or performance degradation.

Johan Kromjong
Johan Kromjong

Team Lead IT

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