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Internal services, mergers, reorganizations, large implementations, or migrations. All matters with a significant impact on operations that require a lot of (management) attention. And all matters with a huge impact on employees. Employees who need to embrace, support, or undergo the change.

Navigating Blindly

These trajectories cost a lot of attention, effort, and money. To guide change or services in the right direction and maximize the chance of success, we rely on planning, milestones, Gantt charts, and operational data. However, a clear view of the impact on employees is often lacking. Is the importance of change communicated well? Do employees know what is expected of them and how the change affects their work? Relevant questions that are crucial for acceptance and performance, but often have little visibility in practice.

Imagine This!

Imagine being able to keep a finger on the pulse throughout such a trajectory. Having insight into the real impact and seeing how it develops over time. And having concrete insight into obstacles and bottlenecks so you can steer and communicate effectively and efficiently.

The main prerequisites for realizing such insight are:

  • An effective dialogue

  • A thorough execution

Prerequisite 1: An Effective Dialogue

Periodically inventory or in response to transaction moments the experience of employees. With a short and to-the-point survey, you can map the overall effectiveness of the trajectory, as well as the different aspects. And ask further when the experience is suboptimal.

 We help organizations make the impact measurable. With the right questions from the employee's perspective. Focused on quantitative figures and qualitative insights. By taking the impact of the trajectory on the employee as the starting point, we quickly get to the essence. Which we translate into short, clear questions.

Prerequisite 2: A Thorough Execution

A thorough execution of the ‘dialogue process’ is best characterized as: periodic, repeatable, and comparable. Ensure a continuous stream of feedback that:

  • Aggregates the complete experience

  • Maps the underlying quality aspects

  • Illustrates bottlenecks both quantitatively and qualitatively

With a continuous stream of feedback that meets these characteristics, you can follow the development of a trajectory or internal service. The feedback feeds the continuous improvement process. The continuous nature of the feedback process allows you to establish the effectiveness of implemented improvements and changes. All this information provides quantitative and qualitative input to the plan-do-check-act cycle.

Years of Experience

We have years of experience measuring IT and HR experience at medium-sized and large, international companies with tens of thousands of employees. With a wide variety of projects such as:

  • Migrations

  • Digital workplace

  • Shared Service Centers

  • Digital transformation

  • IT strategy

  • Learning & Development

We take care of the entire execution of the feedback process. With maximum flexibility: periodic or event-driven inquiries, in multiple languages, context-dependent. We receive and enrich source data, conduct the research, and make the results available online in an interactive analysis environment.

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