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The skilled service desk as catalyst for high-quality IT services

ICTS Service Desk Maastricht University
The ICT Service Center (ICTS) of Maastricht University (UM) measures customer satisfaction using the Service Desk Excellence method. Through continuous feedback from our end-users, we improve the services provided by the ICTS Servicedesk and ICTS as a whole. Roel Bleize (Product Owner ICTS Service Desk) and Jeroen van der Kooij (Service Level Manager) explain why end-user satisfaction is important and how the results are utilized.

A Shift in Thinking

Product Owner Roel Bleize explains, "As the central IT service provider of UM, we consider it important to systematically measure end-user satisfaction. Ultimately, we provide IT services to staff and students, so we ask them to evaluate the quality of our services. With this feedback, we can continuously improve our service delivery.

Our skilled service desk is the face of the central IT department, and we have set the goal of delivering increasing customer value. This has been encouraged since the introduction of Agile working within ICTS. It prioritizes the implementation of improvement actions aimed at helping our end-users faster and better with their inquiries and issues. This has been a clear shift in focus and thinking."


Service Level Manager Jeroen van der Kooij adds, "Creating an effective feedback process internally proved to be challenging. In the past, we measured end-user satisfaction through surveys sent via our ticketing system. However, the response rate was too low to act upon. Additionally, an annual general survey was conducted by various service centers, including ICTS, to gather feedback from end-users. This was supplemented with ad-hoc feedback through various other channels. While there was feedback from our end-users, it was less frequent and less concrete than what we have now.

By opting for the Service Desk Excellence service from Know Why, we have chosen to have an external party conduct the end-user satisfaction survey. An important aspect of their service is to 'take the load off' us; we only spend time analyzing survey results and following up on them. The entire process of sending surveys, processing them, and providing the results in a dashboard is part of their service. During the implementation process, Know Why has proven to be a flexible and reliable partner. Our requirements and preferences, particularly regarding privacy aspects, were taken very seriously and implemented through good mutual agreement."

Voice of the Customer

The Service Desk Excellence method provides concrete feedback, giving us a clear understanding of how end-users experience the service: their appreciation of quality and speed, as well as the effort required to address matters with the ICTS Service Desk. The results and in particular the comments from end-users help refine and optimize processes and procedures.

The survey results are screened weekly. The outcomes of this screening, along with the feedback from our end-users, are shared with the product owner, directly involved agents, and often with the respective team. We share this information to continue learning how we can better serve our end-users. Improving service delivery and thereby end-user satisfaction has become a true team effort based on direct input from our end-users. Sharing compliments with the team is received with great enthusiasm and motivates us to continue improving our service.

Your feedback matters, or in other words, "know why."

We gladly collect feedback and consider it equally important to be transparent about the findings, results, and follow-up actions. By consistently communicating this to our staff and students, we aim to demonstrate our genuine commitment to improve and act. For this purpose, a page has been set up on the UM website where we share the feedback and the actions taken in the previous quarter. The link to this information is included by default in the invitations to participate in the satisfaction survey. This way, we continue to inspire our staff and students to respond to survey requests. Together, we can work towards a better user experience.

Under the motto "your feedback matters," we have given the "voice of the customer" a permanent place within our improvement process.

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