Here’s an overview of the key concepts that are at the centre of our services and solutions, and enable us to optimise the process flow for feedback projects. Read more.

Know Why is the perfect solution for our business. We outsourced our entire survey process to them and have never looked back.”

Mujibor de Graag, CEO Viadesk

Continuous by design.

Our software is designed to automatically run continuous feedback processes. Periodically, records within custom defined rules are randomly selected from sources with customer or employee data, in databases like Microsoft SQL server, Mysql or PostgreSQL. Surveys can also be triggered in real time when an event occurs, like closing a ticket or visiting a website.

Customized source data API’s.

An effective way of getting the right data to trigger surveys is to define a custom API service on our platform. An external system can send data via this custom API, and target groups are defined on top of this data flow. Once a record is delivered to the API, and if the contents meet the business logic, a survey is triggered. An invitation is then sent via email, or the API returns the appropriate URL that can be inserted in another process. Within this process, we support real time data enrichment: based on a unique ID, we lookup characteristics in other data sources and can use this information in the survey process.

Multilingual by design.

We are a multilingual solution. We support Unicode throughout our software and processes and so can survey in any language, no matter how exotic, including right-to-left languages like Arabic and Hebrew. We define language rules to automatically send invitations in the right language. Once in, the survey respondents can switch between all available languages. We can even remember the personal language choice based on a unique person ID. This personal language choice takes preference over the language rules when inviting the same person a second time, even within another survey project.

Advanced logic to protect individuals from over surveying.

Per individual customer, we define rules on how many times a person can be invited. We can distinguish between a unique record and a unique person, which is especially useful if there are more records per person. This way we can restrict the number of surveys on an individual level. We even take this concept further and can restrict invitations to the same person across multiple survey projects.

Responsive to any characteristic.

We can adapt emails and surveys to any characteristic, so you can dynamically adapt depending on the specific situation. For example, we can change the wording of a survey question based on the channel of customer contact, change the signatory depending on the country of the customer, or add or skip questions based on the respondents profile. We can do this across different data sources by tagging source data to identify similar pieces of information within these sources.

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