We can execute the full process for you, from getting the data via files or customized API’s to survey execution and reporting. Read more.

“The possibilities of Know Why to process and dynamically adapt to different circumstances are phenomenal.”

Arnold van der Berg, Rijkswaterstaat

Survey triggering.

With survey triggering, we define one or more custom API’s to deliver record data from your applications or databases. Records received are processed in real time to see whether (and which) a survey invitation is sent by email. Submitted surveys are written real time to a database of your choice. Here we just act as a broker, where we get the record data, apply logic, execute the survey and return the results to your organisation. The processing of the data and reporting and dashboarding is done by your organisation. The advantage is in the process logic that we bring to the table.

URL return service.

As a variation to survey triggering, after delivery of a record via our customized API we do not invite the respondent by email, but rather return the right survey URL via the API response, which can be used by another application.

Dashboard plus backend infrastructure.

A dashboard to display and analyse your survey results. We help craft the results of one or multiple surveys into understandable metrics, and build a dashboard that captures the full picture. Either we connect to result data in your organisation’s database, or generate backend tables in your private cloud database where you can store the results. Optionally, we can setup an API interface where your (survey) applications can send the results. Data sent is reflected within the dashboards in real time.

Do it yourself dashboards: Ignity.

Our interactive dashboard software is available as an SaaS service, as of October 2017, via ignity.info. With Ignity you can define interactive dashboards yourself, through an intuitive backend where you define all metrics, comments and characteristics. You can choose to retrieve the data from existing databases, or have Ignity automatically create backend tables in a separate cloud database (Amazon Aurora). Dashboards are branded with your company logo. You can invite users to the dashboards by email, and you can publish dashboards on your own site via an API key.

Hosted solutions.

We can set up and support the software as a hosted solution. Either hosted with our hosting company, or hosted in the Amazon AWS cloud, where you can incorporate the solutions into your own infrastructure using Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud.

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