Our dashboards are both intuitive and comprehensive, and are designed to effortlessly fit into your workflow. Read more.

KnowWhy‘s dashboards required little to no training, saving us a considerable amount of time and allowing us to hit the ground running.”

Jad Jabbour, Partner at baz.ink

Interactive dashboards.

All feedback is made available through interactive dashboards, where regular users can intuitively explore data and trends. Any (subset of) data can be analysed over any period of time. Any characteristic can be broken down, and results can be viewed over time in trend lines, or plotted on a world map. The dashboards are designed with survey results in mind. We can report on average scores or percentages, and even combine multiple questions into one overall score. Respondents’ qualitative feedback is integrated, and you can directly zoom in on comments given for low or high scores.

OmniView dashboards: empower your people.

We create dashboards cantered around the customer or the subject. We combine the results of multiple surveys or other sources to create one overview, and these views can be broken down into any (organisational) characteristic. For example, you can create a continuous dashboard where all country organisations can see sales trends, customer satisfaction and customer churn; but just as easily you can turn the viewpoint from countries to product categories, and even combine these viewpoints. Slice, dice and combine all data to dive into the details and explore the story behind the numbers. These possibilities, combined with the intuitive navigation, empower your organisation to explore and understand the data in an unprecedented manner.

Share results with the right people.

You can easily share the interactive dashboards with your colleagues; just add their names and email addresses and decide what dashboards they have access to. With an email, they will be invited to set a password and access the dashboards. You can also publish the dashboards on your company intranet site or portal, and restrict access via your existing channels. And your intended target group will all be able to intuitively explore all data.

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