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Know Why is the perfect solution for our business. We outsourced our entire survey process to them and have never looked back.”

Mujibor de Graag, CEO Viadesk

End customers: get a grip on satisfaction.

We can help maximise the value of your customer or employee feedback. Start by turning feedback into a continuous process so you can see the impact of actions on customer or employee satisfaction. Instant feedback on what works and what doesn’t makes your organisation truly responsive. By outsourcing the process, your staff can concentrate on the outcomes instead of being bogged down by the processes. If you make people accountable, you should give them the tools to do their job. By distributing the results as interactive dashboards you empower your staff. They are then able to truly understand shifts in satisfaction, and look at the story behind the results. And when combining data in ‘omniview’ dashboards, they can look at the total picture, not just a slice of it.

Market research: from results to management information.

Using our interactive dashboards, you can provide customers with a continuous and complete view of the results. With empowered customers, discussions are likely to go a level deeper, and you can upsell services with a higher added value. You will also be in a prime spot to broaden your services, and expand your clients’ view on customers by adding scope and frequency. And in continuously improving the total picture of customer satisfaction and experience, you strengthen your position as a valued partner that is crucial in delivering all the ‘soft’ management information. Our interactive dashboard software is designed to support marketing research firms. You can publish dashboards easily from your own domain via an API, and the customer will only see your website or portal. And the dashboards are branded with both your name and the customer logo.

Consultancy firms: experience benchmarking as a line of business.

As an HR, finance or IT consultancy firm, you can expand your services by collecting and sharing experience data. For example, develop a survey that tracks a customer’s position in the war on talent, or that shows how efficient employees can work with their new digital work space. Vast amounts of money are spent on projects like these, and companies have a steady need for these ‘soft’ metrics to see if they realise their targets. When selling this to multiple organisations, you have your own value-added benchmark, and customers can see how they are doing compared to others. We can assist with the technical side of this line of business with activities like arranging data integrations with other applications, executing surveys and designing interactive dashboards. You can outsource (parts of) the process to us or we can provide the software and support needed for you to do it yourself.

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